The Ritual I chose for this assignment was the supermarket. As the supermarket is a place we all use on a regular basis I found it interesting exploring the different aspects allowing me to look at the supermarket in a different way that just its practical use. For my final series the photographs are focusing on the composition and arrangement of shelves, and the similarities between the different aisles. Having no people in the photographs allows the emphasis to remain on this space.


Looking at the orientation of my finals. 
Think i am going to go with the second one as it will look better on the wall with all the photographs at eye level.


Other possibilities.

For these photographs i quite like them shown in a line.. however with the photograph of the bread aisles i think i show make sure the far aisle is straight and horizontal to the edge of the image so it fits better with the others. I also think this series will work better without the image in the produce section as although it does have a similar composition to the others the back aisle is a lot further away as well as the aisle on the right being on an angle whereas the others are not. But then is a series of three images a strong enough series?

Exploring Series

Since green is a dominate among my veggie photograph's I need to look at ways to split this up. I also like the inclusion of the leeks which adds lines to the series instead of just circular shapes and i think to include it successfully it is very important where this image is placed among the series. 
I think these images are more successful that the series I tried out below with the celery included but that is partly because i don't like that photo.. i do think the last once where the photo's are placed in a grid could work quite well as the celery balances the mixture of lines and circles.

Bold and Bright.

I really like these to photographs, the have really nice colours which i don't have in my previous veggie photo's but when placing them next to other photo's in the series they don't go as all the other veggie have been lined up and displayed very systematically where as in these photo's they are not. 

Here are the rest of the photographs from this shoot:


Similar much?

After showing my work in class i have gone back to the supermarket and taken images of the aisles showing the similar composition of shelves. To display these as a series I would need to work on the colours in Bridge... I think it would look best trying to get the floor the same colour in each image.
Would probably not show all these photographs as a series... look into selecting the best few which work well together.

Test prints.

I got these two photo's printed and am quite happy with the results.
The photo of the Mandarins came out only the slights bit darker and the aisles photograph has only the slightest yellow tint to it only noticeable when holding it next to the same image on the screen. 
When getting my photographs printed I also got one printed gloss and the other matt to compare the effects with my images. After having a look at the results, I have decided to print my finals in matt as i think it will work better with my series.